Varya, 41 yaşında., Ukrayna
Telefon doğrulaması
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Cevaplama oranı: 78%
İsım: Varya
Yaş: 41
Konumu: Ukrayna
Burç: Balık
Kilo: 66kg
Boy: 170cm
Göz rengi: Yeşil
Saç Rengi: Siyah
Vücut tipi: Ortalama
Sigara içme sıklığı: Asla
İçki İçme Sıklığı: Asla
Etkinlik türün: Geç kalkmayı seviyorum
Diğer bilgiler: Telefon doğrulaması
Çocuğunuz var mı?:
13 yaşında. Kız, bazen beraber yaşıyoruz
25 yaşında. Erkek, ayrı yaşıyoruz
24 yaşında. Kız, ayrı yaşıyoruz
Türkçe 5 (Ana dil)
Ermenice 5 (Ana dil)
Ukrayna 5 (Ana dil)
İngilizce 2 (Orta)
Medeni Durumu: Boşanmış
Çocuk istiyor musunuz?: Kararsız
Taşınmayı kabul ediyor musun?:
Kendi şehrimde kalmayı kabul ediyorum
Ülkemdeki başka bir yere taşınmayı kabul ediyorum
Başka bir ülkeye taşınmayı kabul ediyorum
Hayattaki önceliklerin:
Aile kurmak,uzun süreli ilişki
Refah/iyi olmak
Akli denge
Eğitim: Lisansüstü
Meslek: Diğer
Dini İnanç?: Hristiyan
Yaş: 34 - 55
Ülke: Batı Avrupa, Doğu Avrupa, Önceki, Kuzey Amerika, Latin Amerika, Asya, Avustralya
Kilo: 70.37 - 115.77 kg
Boy: 180 - 206 cm
Göz rengi: Farketmez
Saç Rengi: Farketmez
Aradığınız kişinin çocuk sahibi olmasını istermisiniz?: Evet
Vücut tipi: Zayıf, Ortalama, Atletik, Şişman, Balık etli, Atletik
İçki: Bazen (Sosyal İçici)
Etnik Tercih: Beyaz / Avrupa, Hispanik/latin, Orta Doğulu, Güney Amerikalı

Sorular ve Cevaplar

Kendinizi nasıl tanımlarsınız?
I'm 46 years old to fit in the search engine!I am capable of having children, but the question is whether I want this. I think everything will show time 🏻 !!like
Well, I can’t be superficial,To begin with, people who are not prepared, I want to warn in advance:
DO NOT BE SCARED! This is a cruel joke, but just MY QUESTIONNAIRE drawn up sincerely and believably! It is THAT she became, thanks to you, dear and not so, MEN! Each phrase of the section "Who I Want to Find" is written thanks to your stupidity, inferiority, licentiousness and inattention! It is rather a kind of protection against the huge number of morons on this site, from whom I am wildly tired. And a person who really, like me, wants to find a life partner, will not be too lazy to read it ATTENTIVELY and draw the right conclusions.
Ready?! Then, welcome!I am looking primarily for a friend, a life partner
A bright, strong and extraordinary personality is all that I have a desire to write here. All details by personal correspondence. I do not like my biography to be put on display by the general public, 80% of which do not even know what they want in this life.
In general, I belong to that endangered number of people who still believe in REAL LOVE, where there is no lie and falsehood, where people live for each other, and not because they "need it" or are just comfortable together.I want to find:
Only a serious permanent relationship.
Married men please do not disturb - obgadit not be washed.
And don't wink. If you do not have enough intelligence to write me a few phrases - we're not on the road.
Also, please do not write here with all sorts of masturbators sucking-sosatelnyj proposals .
Gigolos, bums, losers and just not held in life also can continue to rest on.
SEX FOR MONEY is NOT interesting to me! Both your and my part! I'm tired of getting messages from perverts with photos of members at different angles in the questionnaire!
Oh! Well, seems no one missed! And then to hiccup sick to explain the above types of WHERE and HOW they go!
If the above list You hit something, it means You have something to catch, as at some points You have learned it yourself. If so, they recommend urgently to close my profile.
And Your rude comments I'm not offended! Just throw in the trash than deprive You of the pleasure of a response! And never will You have to piss me off: for too small for me!
...Well, leaving only the elect.

Then about the main thing:
So, the man I looking for must be:
1.strong (but not cruel), able to assess and crush next to a strong woman;
2.strong-willed (for which there are no barriers and problems) that are not affected by depression, do not let the snot able to solve not only your problems, but also problems loved;
3. quite distrustful and careful to immediately open all the beautiful women in a row;
4.in a measure proud and confident (if he really "actually" worth something)
5.REQUIRED: correct! High moral values and decency which would not allow him to betray the woman he loves. And if necessary, you can expose this quality check (me crouched Sherlock Holmes). No, I'm not bitchy, I just want an HONEST relationship;
6.reliable. It is done! Moreover, done efficiently and punctually! For business - this is the same essential quality.

The MAN for whom the woman's the BEST and always first. For such man I'm ready for anything! And the rest of its shortcomings I can close my eyes!

Who seemed overpriced - just open any other form and look for something simpler. I'm worried that our life paths did not cross. Only I beg you: if You have already realized that it is not able to make me happy, don'T COMMENT, please do my questionnaire! Save my time and yours! THANK you!
PS If I have not replied to Your message, there are 2 reasons: either You have blurted out something stupid, or just not interested in me. Just physically do not have time to answer ALL Your messages.
P. S. S. to Whom little of the impressions from the questionnaires can still look at "Self".
İdeal partnerinizi nasıl tarif ederdiniz?
There is a paradox in love: two beings become one and remain two at the same time. Erich Fromm.

I want a man next to me, with whom I will feel “at home,” that is, safe.

I do not think that a woman is the weaker sex; I believe that women are incredibly strong, and sometimes even stronger than men. Let us return a couple of thousand years ago when women were worshiped, when they were goddesses. Women bring new lives to this world, this is a real miracle. Nature has endowed this function, namely a woman, thereby making her naturally strong.

I am looking for a man whose mind and sense of humor are in harmony ... a man who appreciates and respects a woman, one who is able to love and provide for his beloved. Because if a man is not able to do this, this is not my man, I'm sorry. I myself am able to provide for myself, and to abandon the comfort zone to which I am accustomed or to contain alpha is not for me. Do you want a worthy woman nearby, be worthy .. Oh, I forgot, I don’t like goons, a man "should" be generous in emotions, compliments and much more
"A real man once and for all will wean his beloved from the habit of relying only on himself!"
"If a man loves a woman, then the ties of her lower dress are untied by themselves" ... for specially gifted men I decipher The lower dress is the soul, respectively, in this text we are talking about the soul, not about boobs and pussy, as most people think.

I want to be strong for everyone and, first of all, for my man. But I want to be Behind him, behind his large and powerful, impenetrable wall. Not because he is physically strong, ala Apalon, but because he is strong in spirit. I want to be able to show weakness, be a little girl and feel protected. Be 101% sure that he will stand up for me. No, not on the street in a dark alley, gopniks face full. And when I feel bad that he would protect me from me with Ama, that he would just be there, silently, but nearby. It’s better to let him be dumb, but his actions will be louder, the most beautiful, but nauseous empty words. Speaking of actions, I do not mean gifts, surprises, restaurants, chalk inscriptions under the window or a jump from the ninth floor. Just do not look away - never, never. It is so simple, to be near, silently, but to be. Answer the call, even if you are in a meeting with the president, if I ask you to come, then just sit down and without question, come. To do this, you do not need anything, neither money, nor high social status, nor super abilities - desire, that's all.

I want him to know me from and to, and be personally acquainted with every little devil of mine, and there are not a few of them. I also want to know all of his demons. In general, I would like my traits and his demons to make friends.

I want him to be afraid of losing me. This does not mean that I want him to be able to live without me, I do not want him to dissolve in me. There should be two of us. But I want to be meaningful, to be part of his life. Yes, all the same, I want him to shake at the thought that I could leave. I want him to not let me go. I want him to endure my tantrums, by the way, I’m still a tantrum. He can freak out, go away, yell, break everything that is around, but not leave me. I want him to step over himself, his pride, for my sake, so that he would be the first to ask for forgiveness, even if he was not to blame. Not because I am proud, but because he is a man, and I am a little girl.

I want him to remind me all the time that I am the most beautiful, and the best and most beloved. I want him to take care of me, to scold me, because I go barefoot in winter without a hat and go home. In general, I just want him to make me happy.

In turn, I will e
Dünyanın 30 gün içinde yok olacağını bilseydiniz, ne yapardınız ?
Нstop😱There will be no end of the world, I have not really loved that yet 🙈
10 milyon dolarınız olsa ne yapardınız?
It would help onco sick children
Ne sıklıkta ve kime danışırsınız?
Ок goggle 🙈😂I do not listen to advice, I come to everything from my own experience. There are no universal tips, which is good in one situation, it can hurt in another. And the opinion of people smarter than me is always ready to listen.
Hemcinslerinizdeki en değerli nitelik nedir ?
Sincerity, trust, honesty, kindness, a sense of tact, mutual assistance
Karşı cinsteki en değerli nitelik nedir?
Fidelity, sincerity, self-sufficiency, pride in moderation, decency, good breeding, reliability
Yakınlarda başınıza gelen en önemli olay nedir ve sizi nasıl etkiledi?
Çocuğunuza vereceğiniz en iyi nasihat nedir?
He who did not make mistakes never did anything. Never be afraid to make a mistake. The error is not a failure. Mistakes can be of great benefit, make you better and wiser, unless of course competently learn from them.
Yaşadığınız en büyük şok nedir?
death of relatives
En son hangi kitabı okudunuz?
Catcher in the Rye,Salinger, John Steinberg The pearl,1984 George Orwell, Patrick Süskind. Das Parfum, Мужчины с Марса женщины с Венеры
Şu anki hedefleriniz nelerdir?
I want love passionate, tender! The unity of our souls and bodies. I live with only one hope so that you want the same. I know that
One morning I will wake up in your arms. And I will understand that the voice is wise. In my mind, it calmed down. There is nothing, only silence.
A moment of eternal beauty. We now have one soul. You are me, I am you. "
Kime hayransınız?
don't look for an idol
Çok arkadaşınız var mı?
Not many, but they are the best
Hemcinslerinizde en sevmediğiniz nitelikler nelerdir?
Hypocrisy and duplicity, envy
Karşı cinste en sevmediğiniz nitelikler nelerdir?
insecurity, indifference, deceit, insincerity, greed, intolerance
Eğer imkan olsa kendinizde neyi değiştirmek isterdiniz?
I do not adapt to the opinions of others ...
I live only my own, my own consciousness ...
And let the people sometimes have a divergence of views -
To be like others is not burning desire
Zayıf yönleriniz nelerdir?
Virescit vulnere virtus.
Kuvvetli yönleriniz nelerdir?
Настоящее достоинство подобно реке, чем меньше издаёт шума , тем глубже.family values ​​are of great importance to me, but everything should be mutual, and two should build strong relations in the family if everything unilaterally fails.that I am the one who knows what really can love! I am the one who knows that having fallen, I can rise myself! I am the one who, appreciating people, becoming attached to them, will remain faithful! I am the one who loves those who love and knows that those who do not love leave! I'm just the one who, like a white wolf, appreciates his family and can only love one person . In my time, I believe that my main advantage is that I had one sexual partner in my life. But this does not mean that I am a hypocrite, for a beloved man, a woman is ready to be a geisha.
Arkadaşlarınız sizi nasıl görür?
Merry, educated, soul of the company, sincere, kind. I have never been a gift. And I never packed myself, didn’t put it in, and did not try to push it more expensive. I did not play on the weaknesses of others, turning myself into the ideal of a male heart. If I offend me, I am rude, stabbing, indifferent. The best qualities that can weed out a bunch of people who do not like my character. And it may be selfish, but why should I keep people by false perception of me, and all my life I am afraid that one day I will stop pretending and be pleasing, comfortable. But it will be so. Now I want to reserve the right of my personal opinion, though sometimes not true, but mine. Perhaps because of this I will lose a lot of people and chances, but those who are able to love flowers even with thorns will remain nearby. And I will turn the world upside down for these people. I will get flame from hell. I will raise to the sky. Because they make me happy. But there is no weapon against happiness. And most importantly, for this to be a gift is not necessary.
Dostlarınız sizi nasıl görür?
Attractive, well-mannered, sociable, smart, caring, responsive, with a sense of humor
Favori oyunlarınız nelerdir?
🤭role-playing games
Ne tür müzikten hoşlanırsınız?
It all depends on the mood from academic music to pop music.
En sevdiğiniz yemek nedir?
grilled food especially grilled octopus and any seafood and vegetables
En sevdiğiniz masal hangisidir?
A fairy tale that I wrote myself. This is so to speak a prophecy for the future, In the most beautiful cities (and people who truly love their city, always consider it the most beautiful), He and She lived.
Once He saw Her beautiful green eyes and could not take his gaze from them. Admiring their extraordinary beauty, He looked with admiration at Her and ... realized that he was in love. She immediately felt this: suddenly her heart was pinched pleasantly (after all, Love settles in it), a gentle warm wave gently enveloped Her from head to toe, and the whole world began to sparkle with new bright colors. Unknown sensations awakened in Her such a storm of pleasant feelings that She joyfully not only accepted His Love, but also gave her her thanks in gratitude. And since then, they were no longer just He and She, they became Lovers.
Like all lovers living in the world, our lovers began to meet often. Each new meeting helped them get to know each other better. Thus, the secret of her green eyes that enchanted Him once was revealed to the Lover. It turned out that his Beloved had a huge golden soul, and his eyes only reflected her light, flowing from the inside. And the Beloved was fascinated by the inexhaustible Knowledge of her Beloved, his loyalty, courage and the ability to see everything through. When meeting, each of them tried to make the other a little happier, and quietly for themselves, they turned into Happy Lovers.
Time passed, and the Happy Lovers suddenly began to notice that they did not want to part with each other at all. Then they decided to live in a new way - together, and on the first day of their new life they felt themselves the Most Happy Lovers.
And still they are very well together. One Big Love for two is enough for them ...
En sevdiğiniz hobileriniz veya aktiviteleriniz nelerdir?
I'm interested in the good and the bad, beautiful and ugly, I like books, films, American and not so much, the theater, however, was there a year ago, probably.
I can go to the museum, I don’t have to do anything ... Sometimes friends invite me to visit. I can get drunk on the day off to death with the air of some old park where you can feel shamelessly palpable silence, nature, in short ...
I like to search for unfamiliar things in familiar things, or to reveal, like a dead shell, possibilities where, it would seem, they cannot exist at all ...
I love cars, speed…
But also, I like to drink tea in silence ... listening to my girlfriend’s chatter and chatting about my ...
Many people do not like speed, but I love powerful freeways, especially in autumn, when speed lifts golden leaves up, and they, whirling, remain behind like sad thoughts ...
And more ... I hardly believe that evil is the best organization of good ...
Hayalinizdeki iş hangisidir?
Own work  
Bize hayalinizdeki eşi anlatır mısınız?.
smart, strong, courageous, purposeful, responsible,.
potential head of the family, while being kind, soft, cheerful, romantic, ready to throw the world at the feet of her beloved . I can be stupid with him and not be afraid of it, knowing that my stupidity will just make him smile. He is trying to understand me, listening to my music or poetry ... With him I am real, there is no point in putting on a mask, he just feels me and understands without words ... He wants to cook breakfast in the morning and look forward to dinner. Looking at him, sleeping, and swimming in an unfamiliar feeling, like, it's called tenderness. With enthusiasm, take a bouquet of daisies, which he bought from a granny near the subway ...
It is with interest to listen to what I know without him .... And do not be bored without words, lulled by his silence. I do not know how tall he is, but I know that you can always hide behind him. In his eyes (color does not matter), I see a willingness to solve all my problems. He will not offend me with the treatment - Kitty, Bunny, Masya, he remembers my name. He stands by the window, peering into the night, maybe he smokes, maybe he had a hard day, but I see his back and I know what it is a wall beyond which I’m not afraid. I bury my nose in his shoulder and inhale his smell, the smell of his native, only, the best man, wrap his arms around him and his hands me, and I can feel him smiling .... I hear the beat of his heart and I know that he hears my knock .... And there is no need for endless confessions — his eyes, actions, smile, touch are much more eloquent. I pity him and the shore, protected by his care and pity .... my lips know every cavity of his body, his fingers know his every wrinkle, and his eyes envy themselves that they can see him.
This is my man. And I know that we will definitely meet.
Nerede yaşamak istersiniz?
any place where I feel happy
Bahçe işleriyle uğraşmaktan hoşlanır mısınız?
Tamam - ama benim için yapılırsa
Market alış verişinden hoşlanır mısınız?
Diğer alışveriş türlerinden ne kadar hoşlanırsınız?
Yemek pişirmekten hoşlanır mısınız?
Ne kadar sıklıkla dışarı çıkarsınız ?
Haftada 3-4 kez
Dışarıda yemekten hoşlanır mısınız?
Televizyona gelince
Yaşam tarzıyla ilgili bir kanalı açarım
Paraya gelince
Birazını harcar birazını da biriktiririm
Bir parti ortamında rol olarak şunu tercih ederdim
Partiye hayat veren
Bulunduğum yeri şöyle tutarım
Gıcır gıcır
İdeal olarak şöyle bir yerde yaşamak isterdim
Ülkede bir sayfiye evi
Evcil hayvan tercihi
Sahibim Kedi(ler), Sahip değilim ama severim Köpek(ler), Balık, Kuş(lar), Egzotik Hayvan(lar)
En çok hangi tür televizyon programlarını izlemekten zevk alırsınız?
Bilimkurgu, Doğa / Yaban hayatı, Gizem / Gerilim, Gösteriler, Filmler, Eğitim, Drama, Belgesel, Komedi, Aksiyon / Macera
Boş zamanlarımı şöyle değerlendiririm
Kitap okuyarak, Arkadaşımla öğle yemeği yiyerek, Ailemle birlikte olarak, Alışveriş yaparak, Bahçede oyalanarak, Müze yada galerileri gezerek, Ev işi yaparak, Hobilerimle uğraşarak, Tv ya da film izleyerek, Yürüyüş yaparak, Arkadaşlarımla birlikte, Doğada, Bilgisayarda oyun oynayarak, Internette sörf yaparak
Zevk aldığım faaliyetler şunlardır
Aerobik, Bisiklete binme, Yelkencilik, Kamp, Yürüyüş, Dans, Yüzme, Yürüyüş, Ata binmek
İzlemekten ve/veya yapmaktan hoşlandığım sporlar
Motor Sporları, Artistik patinaj, Amerikan futbolu, Squash / Badminton
Hoşlandığım eğlence türleri
Konser, Akşam yemeği partileri, Özel akşam yemekleri, Filmler, Müze / sanat, Klasik Müzik, Pop Müzik, Rock Müzik, Şiir, Okuma, İnternet, Tv Eğitim / Haberler, Tv Eğlence, Video Oyunları
Diğer hobilerim ya da ilgi alanlarım
Astroloji, Arabalar, Bilgisayarlar, Yaratıcı yazma, Aile / Çocuk, Bahçıvanlık, Yemek yapmak, Ev geliştirme, Boyama, Felsefe / Maneviyat, Fotoğraf, Alışveriş, Seyahat